Peter Schimke & Irv Williams

Making this record was really an amazing experience for me. Almost every cut was a first take… and I was quite pleased with the way it all turned out in the end. Working with Irv in this context allowed for the kind of intimate musical dialogue that I had been wanting to experience since the very first time I ever heard this avatar. I am, of course a fan of many great records made throughout the years in the duo context… particularly work by Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron, and the fairly recent recording by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, 1+1. -Peter Schimke

Peter Schimke – Acoustic Piano
Irv Williams – Tenor Saxophone
Produced by Peter Schimke & Irv Williams
Engineered, mixed, & mastered by Joe Johnson
Studio Assistant Eli Stone
Video Stills by Lee Sandberg & Greg Winter
Photographs by Howard Gitelson
Cover Art: Oil Painting by Ann Schimke Meisch with superimposed photos by Brian Garnell of Charles Eames Butterfly chairs in Robert Schimke & Kathleen McCabe Schimke’s (Mom & Dad) living room.
Graphic Design by Brian Garnell
Recorded at Fur Seal Studio
A recording made possible in part by the Grove Foundation


  1. Betsi’s Song · Irv Williams · 5:54
  2. Knot Stew · Peter Schimke · 8:23
  3. I Can’t Get Started · Vernon Duke  · 4:35
  4. Tumbling Tumbleweeds · Bob Nolan · 5:02
  5. My Funny Valentine · Rogers/Hart · 7:30
  6. Precious · Billy Wallace · 5:29
  7. The Vow · Peter Schimke · 5:50
  8. Grand Avenue Stroll · Irv Williams · 4:05
  9. God of Justice · Rowland Hugh Prichard · 5:14
Irv Williams & Peter Schimke · Duo

  1. The Vow
  2. God of Justice