Recordings Featuring Peter Schimke

Eric Leeds, Paul Peterson: No Words

Leeds & Peterson

2018: Featuring Eric Leeds, Paul Peterson, Peter Schimke, Brian Ziemniak, Shai Hayo, Petar Janjić, Ricky Peterson, Mike Stern, Brian Lynch, and Questlove.



Mississippi is an exciting project featuring Andrés Prado on guitar, Pete Whitman on saxophones, Peter Schimke on piano, Jeff Bailey on bass, and Kevin Washington on drums.

Romantica - Shadowlands


Shadowlands Ben Kyle, Jayanthi Kyle, Tony Zaccardi, Dave Strahan, Ryan Lovan, Aaron Fabbrini and Peter Schimke-McCabe.

Estaire Godinez Band CD: This Time

Estaire Godinez Band

Recorded Winter, 2010 at The Brewhouse in Minneapolis

Gorilla · Peter Schimke


Original Music by Peter Schimke


Peter Schimke & Irv Williams


Chris Morrissey Quartet

I had such a great time playing on this record! Chris Morrissey’s music is so fantastic.

Casal & Schimke CD: santander / minneapolis

Casal & Schimke

santander / minneapolis: a gathering of artists who travelled across the world to find a language in common: music.

enrique toussaint comunidad

Enrique Toussaint

Guest Appearance by Peter Schimke: Piano on track 6: Para Pops (Para Papa) (David Iwataki)

james curry

James Curry

A Brand New Suit · This was fun. My assignment was to play the track as though I was drunk, and hadn’t played a lot of piano.

Stuart D'Rozario

stuart d’rozario

stuart d’rozario, jim anton, tommy barbarella, peter schimke, noah levy, ken chastain, george scott mckelvey, mark kreitzer



Written by Jack Clift, Sevara Nazarkhan, Peter Schimke & Gordon Schaeffer



Jeremy Ylvisaker: Guitar; Jim Anton: Bass; JT Bates, Dave Anania: Drums; Schimka: Fender Rhodes; Mankwe Ndosi

iffy CD cover

iffy: biota bondo

Iffy consisted of Kraig Johnson, Tom Merkle, Kirk Johnson and Dave Pederson, with special guests Martin Dosh and Estaire Godinez.

The Latin Porter by Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy sings Cole Porter. Musical direction by Peter Schimke.