Estaire Godinez Band

This Time

Estaire Godinez is a truly unique and amazing artist. Her ability to play so many percussion instruments in any number of different musical styles and do so alongside some of the greatest musicians on the planet is no less remarkable than her ability to gracefully weave her lyrics between Spanish, Portuguese, and English and do this in such an intimate and beautiful way. As a person, she is so open and giving. What you see is truly what you get.

Oh, and by the way, this band is kick-ass…

This Time…

  • Estaire Godinez · vocals & all percussion
  • Stokely Williams · drums, steel pan, bg vocals
  • Peter Schimke · Yamaha Motif, Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano
  • Eric Leeds · Sax
  • Serge Akou · Bass
  • Mike Scott · Guitar
  • Enrique Toussaint · Bass (Corcovado)
  • Dirk Freymuth · Guitar (Corcovado, Why Should I Care, Besame, All or Nothing At All)
  • JD Steele · bg vocals (This Time, You)

Produced by Estaire Godinez

Track List

  1. Come With Me
  2. All or Nothing
  3. Just Say Yes
  4. Besame Mucho
  5. Come With Me
  6. Cancion Para Isa
  7. Corcovado
  8. You
  9. Save Your Love For Me
  10. Why Should I Care
  11. Latina Soy –Composed by Estaire Godinez
  12. You Won’t Forget Me –Arrangement: Peter Schimke
  13. Leprechaun Dance –Composed by Peter Schimke & Estaire Godinez, arrangement by Estaire Godinez Band
  14. This Time –Composed by Estaire Godinez
  15. Come With Me

Recorded Winter, 2010
Engineered by Rob Genadek
Mixed by Rob Genadek at The Brewhouse
Mastered by Rob Genadek at RGP Mastering
Assisted by Michael Marston

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All photos by Jim Clifford

Estaire Godinez Band CD: This Time

  1. Latina Soy
  2. You Won't Forget Me
  3. Leprechaun Dance
  4. This Time